Paint and Protect under redevelopment

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In the journey of developing this game I created a lot of useful scripts and resources which even I cant believe i accomplished in 48 hours, I surprisingly didn’t read any article during development which transformed the code to a really messy pile of words, it was so unreadable that I didn’t know where to continue after a few days. …

Gray Scale Games registered as a company on indieDB

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I’m happy to announce that Gray Scale Games has been registered as a company on all games would be posted there as well, this is another step to spreading the name. With that i ask for your support from my page, indieDB company page, and this site.

GrayScale Games has a new site

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Hello, to all viewers of this post I’d like to say that GrayScale Games has a new site which would be used to promote various GrayScale game pages. For now the games would be posted to you can view the itch game page here