Paint and Protect under redevelopment

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The game Paint and Protect will undergo redevelopment starting December 1st

Development of Paint and Protect

In the list of developed games i’m proud of Paint and Protect is the only one that has been released and the others still on their way.
Paint and Protect combines the worlds of arcade and procedural generation into one big game of infinite fun, even on release positive reviews flowed in with comments like “Stunning” or “Was this made in 48hrs?”.

In the journey of developing this game I created a lot of useful scripts and resources which even I cant believe i accomplished in 48 hours, I surprisingly didn’t read any article during development which transformed the code to a really messy pile of words, it was so unreadable that I didn’t know where to continue after a few days. All that comes to my mind whenever I see the source code is that I put all this effort for just 48 hours.

The Very First Extra Credits Game Design Jam!

This was the start of things, the creation of the game. The Extra Credits is a team that educate us on tips, tricks and facts on game development, the team decided to host a game jam to view what us devs have learnt from their videos, The Very First Extra Credits Game Design Jam!

It was a 48 hour game jam where the creation of Paint and Protect began, it was submitted within 3 hours of time left along with three hundred and twenty seven entries, it didn’t stand out. The team later streamed some of the games they played earlier, unfortunately my game wasn’t part of the stream along with hundreds of others. Surprisingly, Paint and Protect was getting a lot of feedback through the discord chat, only one comment got my attention “Please continue development of this game!!”, it was then I decided I would continue development of this game at free time (after my exams).

View the game jam and early post jam version here

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